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Black Friday Jewelry Deals

Be the first to know about our sparkling offers before Black Friday starts. Sign up to Abelstedt Club here to receive the exclusive deals and the best savings on jewelry and gifts on the big day. Enjoy!

We are counting down to the big day:

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Black Friday: Jewelry on Sale

Are you ready for the big sale day? Throughout the year, we have prepared for the biggest sales day of the year with lots of good offers on all items in the entire online store. We celebrate Black Friday on November 25 like everyone else but open up a lot of good offers already before Friday exclusively for members of Abelstedt Club.

We make sure to shop your Christmas present with an extra discount—and even if you have bought your jewelry on discount, you can of course exchange and return it without showing a receipt. So why not shop the Christmas presents for your loved ones on the biggest sales day of the year?

We make sure to reduce the price of even our best selling products, including our diamond rings and sapphire rings! So if you’re thinking about proposing to your partner, you should definitely act on this very day.

Saving Big on Jewelry

On Black Friday you can find up to 500 items on sale and you therefore get the opportunity to receive great savings on quality jewelry in both silver, gold, white gold and gold-plated silver jewelry. Even our diamond jewelry goes on sale on Black Friday. Regardless of whether you are looking for men’s or women’s jewelry, you can look forward to a lot of good offers with peace of mind. Our popular tungsten rings will also all be on offer with a minimum 20% discount.

If you are looking for women’s jewelry, you can get ready! We will run final sprint prices on both earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets. And as if that weren’t enough, we throw in a few extra delicious surprises in your order.

Although at Abelstedt we run prices that are already lower than what you will find at your local jewelry store, this does not stop us from stepping on the discount pedal. You have the opportunity to get an additional discount on some items that you never thought would be on offer. We’re not afraid to say that this is going to take you to shopping heaven.

You Will Find the Best Offers and Discounts at Abelstedt

Jewelry can be an expensive affair, especially if you’re looking for a diamond or sapphire ring—or just an expensive gold ring. There is therefore extra money to be saved if you look at the slightly more expensive jewelry in our range. We make it super easy for you to shop our main categories such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets and our most popular category, rings. We also make sure to give you some fantastic prices on our other accessories such as jewelry boxes, watch straps and jewelry cleaners. That way you can easily store all the jewelry you buy and shop on Black Friday.

Perhaps you should already look through all our jewelry so you know which piece of jewelry to conquer on the big day, before it is sold out. Make sure to be quick from the morning, so that you secure exactly the piece of jewelry you want. There will be limited stock of all jewelry, so it is on a first come, first served basis.

Perhaps you are already completely confused about how to wait to make your purchase for this big day? Of course, we cannot guarantee that the item you want will be in stock at the time you hope to get hold of it. So if you don’t dare to take that risk, you should buy your jewelry now. And who says you can’t buy an extra matching piece of jewelry when Black Friday is finally here?

Black Friday Deals on Rings

If you have long dreamed of getting hold of one or more Abelstedt rings, you should definitely take your first step on Black Friday, as you can get your dream ring for nothing less than half price if you are lucky. At Abelstedt you can already find some good deals on some ring designs, but for Black Friday all rings will be reduced to a fantastic price that you just can’t say no to. Remember to get your size measured before Black Friday if you are in doubt about your ring size.

If your size is sold out, please go. for a smaller size if you want a narrow ring, and conversely choose a size larger if you want a wide ring. If you choose the wrong size, we can exchange it for you easily and free of charge. Even if you have received a fantastic offer for a beautiful ring in gold or silver, we are ready to exchange it for you free of charge. You can find a free return slip on our website. While you may have seen that we’ve launched a brand new collection that you just love, we can already announce now that some of these rings will also be on sale with up to 40% off. The discount only applies to a single day of the year, so if you’re dreaming of a beautiful ring, prepare now.

Save up, make a list of the rings you want, and maybe do some research on how to shop for matching rings. If you are into rings with stones or perhaps colored stones, you have come to the right place. Even our popular green Emerald ring or our double halo rings are on sale this day.

We all like to make a good purchase, especially on jewelry as it can be an expensive affair.

Black Friday Deals on Earrings

Black Friday is approaching fast, and that means only one thing: deals, discounts and lots of money to save. While Black Friday falls on November 25, many brands run sales throughout the week. At Abelstedt, we naturally do the same. We’re creating great deals on some of our favorite earrings. And in this post, we’ll give a hint as to what amazing Black Friday jewelry deals we’re going to run.

This day has changed our shopping behavior over the years, and we have become more aware of shopping for jewelry and especially earrings on this big day. All our earrings will be on offer—hoops, creoles, solitaire earrings, studs and of course our large dangle earrings. If you love earrings, you will enjoy discounts on this day. On November 25, we open up the biggest offers on our entire earring category.

If you want to get offers on all kinds of earrings, whether they are gold earrings or silver earrings, then you have come to the right page. Although we at Abelstedt are not known for big offers due to our already low prices, we are making a big exception today. Save money and make a great purchase on all our earring designs.

Black Friday Deals on Necklaces

While we can’t share the exact details of our amazing Black Friday deals on jewelry and necklaces, we sure know how to pump it up on this day. With so many designs in our necklace category, you should expect to see a big discount tag as well as offers all over the online store. Maybe you are ready for the big Christmas shopping on Black Friday? If so, you should look at our necklaces, as this does not require you to know the size of the person you are shopping for.

Necklaces are beautiful to wear alone as a single piece of jewelry around the neck, but can also be incredibly beautiful to put together so that you wear several necklaces at once. If you’re the girl who loves a lot of necklaces, it’s time to make your next big purchase—and why not do it when there’s the biggest discount? The sale gives you the opportunity to buy your Christmas gifts already now and maybe even already buy your Advent and calendar gifts.

All women love to receive one or more necklaces as a Christmas present. All our necklaces can be adjusted in size, so you should not be afraid if it fits or not. If you want a long chain, you can always buy an extra piece of chain on our website under accessories. We love the so-called waterfall look, where you stack several necklaces at once. However, it can be an expensive affair to acquire several necklaces, but not on Black Friday. Here there will be a 10, 20 and up to 40% discount on all necklaces.

If you are in doubt about which necklace to buy when the sale starts, you can always look at our Instagram to get some inspiration. If this does not help you on the right path, choose a necklace that you can use both for everyday life and for parties. Although all our necklaces are of high quality, you will not find cheaper jewelry of the same quality than at Abelstedt. Save money and find the necklace that fits exactly your style and your look. We run offers on both chains and pendants. And of course there is a discount on both our silver and gold necklaces. Show your personal and unique style with a beautiful necklace.

Black Friday Deals on Bracelets

The Black Friday sale has begun! And we have an amazing Black Friday jewelry sale to share with you all!

You can save 40% with us until 30 November during our Black Friday sale. Save 25% on fine jewelry such as gold, diamonds, sapphire jewelry and sterling silver jewelry. In addition, you receive a free exchange and FREE SHIPPING! How crazy is that?

In the bracelet category, you can find our favorite bracelets that you can wear all the time and that are great to match with other jewelry. We have divided all bracelets into materials and collections, so that you can easily get an overview of shopping on Black Friday. Sometimes bracelets can be overlooked if they are too small. However, we believe that as long as you choose the bracelet that fits your wrist, you will receive plenty of compliments. When it comes to completing your Christmas gift shopping, we’re seeing a growing demand for bracelets. Why not save as much money as possible so that there is even more money to spend on Christmas sweets and ski holidays? All our bracelets, bangles and tennis bracelets will see a significant drop in price. There will be a sale on both gold bracelets, silver bracelets and bracelets with stones and colored stones. We have wristbands for the whole family—and all of these wristbands will be on sale November 25.

Throughout Black Weekend you can save a lot of money on our jewelry, whether you’re looking for a thin bangle or a wide bracelet, we can promise you that it’s the right time to buy.

Black Friday Deals on Gold Jewelry

It’s that time again… It’s Black Friday! Or as we like to call it at Abelstedt, Black FRI-YAY! Because who doesn’t love good deals and discounts on jewelry, in particular? And especially offers on gold jewelry as they can usually charge a bit higher than your normal budget. If you have always dreamed of owning a piece of gold jewelry, now is the time to act. If you don’t click, you have to wait another whole year, and at that time we can’t guarantee that the jewelry will be in stock or part of our range.

Now is your chance to get yourself an exclusive Black Friday gold piece on offer, handcrafted from either 10, 14 or 18 karat gold. Who can resist this?

With these insane deals this Black Friday, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself or your loved ones just in time for Christmas! So why not buy gifts for everyone!

Maybe you didn’t expect to be able to afford real gold jewelry, but as we already offer cheap prices and then with an additional discount, you can certainly be part of the price.

Black Friday Offers on Men’s Jewelry

If you are looking for men’s jewelry for yourself or as a gift, these Black Friday offers are definitely worth waiting for! Maybe you’ve already been waiting all year for this big sale day? That men’s ring or men’s bracelet you’ve been eyeing may have become affordable, and maybe you should buy two now that you’re up and running and the big day is here. Don’t miss out on the amazing deals on our Black Friday men’s jewelry and accessories. There’s never been a better time to shop, especially if you’re looking for the perfect men’s piece of jewelry at a bargain price. With more than 100 men’s jewelry, you can be sure to find a gift for him or perhaps for yourself? Our Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday sales include sales on all our men’s jewelry and wedding rings for him.

It’s the perfect time to treat yourself, and if the money is tight, you don’t have to worry because you know you’ll never get it cheaper than it will be on Black Friday. Whether you have a long list of Christmas gifts to buy for those you care about, or are simply looking for jewelry for yourself, you’ve come to the right place. November can feel like a long month because you’re looking forward to Christmas, but believe me: November is going fast, and so are our sales. So set the alarm and already browse our website now, so you’re ready to shop offers on November 25. Our most popular tungsten rings for men can sell out quickly, and if you’re looking to buy a wedding ring, you should act as early in the day as possible. We cannot guarantee that all men’s jewelry will be in stock at the end of the day, as the cheap prices and big offers make it difficult for us to have enough items for all men.

Black Friday Deals on Silver Jewelry

November is a great time to get the best Black Friday jewelry deals. And we at Abelstedt certainly have the perfect gift for everyone this Christmas, whether you need a gift for your sister, mother, friend or just yourself. So if you are thinking of buying some Christmas presents, right now is the perfect time to do it.

It is the time of year that excites almost as much as Christmas. Black Friday refers to huge sales opportunities that come just in time before Christmas. It is the most popular shopping day of the year, as companies like us offer discounts, gifts and extra benefits that are impossible to say no to. Over the years, Black Friday has definitely changed our shopping habits, we crave deals and if we can’t get them, we don’t want to buy. It might sound a bit spoiled, but we understand you. Especially in recent years, sales have moved online, and most already start the sale before Friday. That’s why it’s best to get ready early this year!

If you are looking for silver jewelry, you should definitely shop with us. Here you will find both gold-plated silver jewelry and pure 925 sterling silver jewelry. Whether it’s a ring, bracelet, necklace or earrings in silver, we’ve got your back. You can get crazy discounts on our silver jewelry this year, and we’re not just talking 10%. We’re talking 40% and maybe over 40% off.

Black Friday Deals on Engagement Rings

As we all know, engagement season is upon us. We know a lot of people will use Black Friday to search—primarily online—for the most important ring they’ll ever buy and wear in their lifetime. We are here to help you with some tips to find the love of an absolutely perfect engagement ring that not only has a great discount but can also live up to the highest quality.

Remember that you should not impulse buy an engagement ring, although it seems incredibly tempting when the offers are good and the prices drop by maybe 25%. You’re going to be bombarded with beautiful engagement rings this Black Friday, both via your social media and other news channels. So you owe it to yourself and your loved one to have a plan in place before making a final purchase. Be sure to figure out which engagement ring you want before Black Friday is upon us. We’re not saying you shouldn’t buy your engagement ring on Black Friday, we’re just pointing out that you should gear your preparation before.

Make sure you know her/your size and limit your choice of ring using the 4 C’s (cut, carat, clarity and color). Remember, it’s easy to get distracted by all the overwhelming jewelry on offer, so plan and do some research well in advance of Black Friday. At Abelstedt, we are ready to advise you on the right choice for you and your loved ones. We’re going to be doing Black Friday on all of our engagement rings and wedding rings, so get ready and find the ring you love the most.

The Best Black Friday Gifts

With Black Friday around the corner, Christmas will be approaching, and we all have to go through the same gift race, which for some can be stressful but for others the best thing in the world. If you are the kind of person who quickly loses track of things, you can take it easy. We make sure to advise and help you with which jewelry suits the person you are buying for.

You can always call us, write an email or chat with one of our service employees. We offer a 30-day right of return and exchange, and then it’s completely free to exchange. If you want a refund, you don’t even have to give us your receipt. We just need the name of the person who bought the gift. We make it possible for you to save money on all your Christmas gifts this Black Friday, which is just around the corner. Get ready already now, and prepare which jewelry you want to buy, and possibly which sizes to buy. Are you looking for a ring for the woman you love or for your mother, but don’t know the ring size, then read one of our many blog posts on how to find her size without her finding out.

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